BlockStake Profile

Hi Vega Community.

This is David from BlockStake. It has been an honour to be part of the community so far. Please see our profile below as consideration to be part of the genesis validators.

Team / Company / DAO

BlockStake is a small but dedicated team currently consisting of 3 blockchain enthusiast with backgrounds ranging from engineering/business/DevOps. One thing we all share is a vision and a passion to push for a decentralized and web3 future.

We are based in Singapore.


We have been running validators on the Terra Blockchain (mainnet/testnet), which is one of the largest Tendermint-based PoS chains with 100% uptime and 0 slashes until now.

We are also looking to launch our validator node services for other Tendermint-based chains such as Centaur Finance in September 2021 as part our expansion roadmap.

We are also actively contributing to the community via other tools such as Dashboards to help the community make sense of the space.

Security Reliability

Security and Reliability is top of mind for us. Our team monitors the performance of our node 24/7 with detailed analytics and monitoring functionality. Furthermore, we implement best practices such as having sentry nodes to protect from DDoS attempts and live back-up nodes ready to take over in the event of hardware failure.


Our hardware is mainly hosted globally distributed cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean. Base hardware specifications are 8 dedicated CPUs and 32gb of RAM. We have the ability to quickly and easily increase compute resources as and when necessary.


We communicate via Twitter/Telegram groups:

Our team members are also active in the Project Telegrams/Discord


We are active participators in governance, both via formal voting via on-chain governance as well as engaging the community in debate via official forums and in other telegram/discord channels.