Blockchains for traders: On finality, fairness and flocking

There are lots of seemingly unsolvable problems in blockchain tech, some of which require ‘cheating’ the system in one way or another. But, unless you’re 100% certain of how the system works, shortcuts just lead to vulnerabilities and opportunities for malicious actors.

Dr. Klaus Kursawe, blockchain and BFT researcher at Vega, walked through the annoying impossibilities inherent in blockchain (and life), how people have attempted to work around them, and his own suggestions for how consensus mechanisms can be structured so they’re better suited for the requirements of trading and financial markets.

Watch a video of his presentation, where he jumps into these challenges head-first. We’ll also be sharing his paper publicly very soon.

ETA - See the slides from this presentation.

:rotating_light: Klaus will be hosting an AMA here on our forum on this, and any other elements of blockchain structure that you want to ask about, on 22 November at 4pm GMT.