Barney and the bots

We’re hosting a workshop where @barney will take you through how to build a simple market making bot using Vega’s APIs this very evening. You can still sign up here :slight_smile:


I’ll be there, really looking forward to this session - I’ll be specifically interested in the programming languages all the attendees prefer to use/most familiar with (I think @barney will be coding in Python).

Hi @cdm / @barney I enjoyed learning a bit about your system during the workshop, yesterday.

I looked at the API documentation… Are you planning to publish the gRPC and/or GraphQL definitions to github?

Generating code from these is going to be a lot easier than having to do it manually.

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Hi @santegoeds, thanks and welcome to the community! We’ll definitely aim to publish some example code and libraries, and the schemas to make it easy to develop against the Testnet.

I’ll be starting with a cleaned up version of what you saw yesterday in the next couple of days, then there’ll also be lots more coming from the team in the coming weeks and months — @cdm is leading the charge :muscle: