Atomic Wallet Exploit

Hi Vega team,

As you may heard, recently Atomic Wallet has been exploited (hacked) resulting in a complete loss of user’s portfolios (Atomic Wallet exploited, users report loss of entire portfolios).

Unfortunately, I’m among the affected users.
I purchased my VEGA tokens during an ICO, so the respective tokens are locked in the exploited wallet. However, when they’ll unlock, I won’t be able to unstake or withdraw them to my ETH wallet because any coin going there has been immediately transferred elsewhere.

In respect to this, I wonder whether it’s possible to somehow change the ETH address to which unlocked unstaked VEGA could be deposited? Vega wallet hasn’t been exploited, so I have a full access to it.


Hi Andromeda,

thank you for reaching out and sorry nobody got back to you on this.

It’s not easily possible to do what you’ve requested. Currently, the teams that could do something would have to spend time coding up a solution at the expense of crucial development work.

I know this isn’t the ideal answer. Perhaps in a few weeks, we can see if there’s anything that can be done. Reach out on Discord and I’ll open up a channel with you to keep track of things.


Hi Daig,

Thank you for your reply.

The hackers instantly moved all VEGA out from my wallet upon their unlocking earlier this month.
So my question is no longer relevant.

Hi Andromeda.
I’m sorry to hear your problem. Hope it won’t affect you much.