3 interesting facts from white paper Vega

  1. Vega will open the door to a fairer and more accessible financial system that does not favor certain groups or exclude others. Vega sees the potential of closed global markets not only in improving what exists today, but perhaps in fundamentally rethinking how we use the tools of the economy to achieve better results.

  2. Importantly, the Trader can tell the network that if a position reaches the Collateral Seeking Level while it has unallocated collateral, the network should automatically attempt to allocate additional collateral, in which case the position will be automatically recapitalized by the network if possible. If recapitalization is not configured or not possible, the position will enter the collateral search zone, however, the network will not take further action until another collateral zone is reached.

  3. Notably different from centralized markets, in Vega Protocol, margin calls will be handled by client software, algorithms, or third-party services, not by the network. Margin Call margin levels are the responsibility of the trader and can be set according to their trading strategy and risk appetite.