(10-Jul-20) This Week in Crypto

(10-Jul-20) This Week in Crypto:

  1. For those following the Compound story from last week, Bankless covers the mass “Yield Farming” operations now at play. Key takeaways are:
  • "DAI recycling is now so popular that the amount supplied to Compound is triple the amount of total DAI in existence, and its ripple effects are stress-testing the Maker ecosystem .
  • Getting incentives correct from the start is nearly impossible** , and the Compound community is actively iterating on their model.
  • Governance is a messy process, but is always fun to watch!
  1. There is a big DeFi traders survey taking place with questions relevant to ascertaining what DEX traders really need. Previous survey results have been publicly released and provide us with feedback into how we create on DeFi. For this reason, we encourage participation so that everyone in the community can begin to create better products.

  2. For those interested in learning more about the world of DeFi, DeFi Pulse amalgamates the projects in the space and tracks the value locked up in DeFi networks.

This Week’s Top Crypto Conversations:

There’ll be less COMP coverage next week but given the splash they’ve made, I think it’s important to study their success. -Daigan


Great update! Watching the DAI stuff with interest and just waiting for the first collapse of an algoirthmic “stablecoin” with wide adoption. It may well not be DAI, but it will happen, will be unexpected and bad for a lot of people (hopefully it happens before it would be really bad), and will ultimately be good for the ecosystem… gotta learn somehow!