0base.vc Profile

Hi. I’m JinWoo Lee from 0base.vc. We have been talking with a member of the Vega protocol since the first quarter of this year and are looking forward to participating as a validator.

Company: 0base.vc

0base.vc is a validator who doesn’t trust any blockchain; we validate it ourselves.
0base.vc founder Jinwoo Lee has been developing and planning in the cryptocurrency field since 2013 and created the first cryptocurrency payment system in Korea.
He worked as CTO at Coinone, a cryptocurrency exchange in Korea for 6 years from 2015, and based on his experience in security, network, and efficient server operation of the exchange, he founded 0base.vc in 2020.


0base.vc has experience operating more than 10 testnets and has experience launching 6 projects up to the mainnet.
We are currently operating the following mainnet.(Bold is Tendermint-based project)

  • Osmosis (2nd Rank)
  • Mina (From testnet)
  • Solana (From testnet)
  • Oasis Protocol (From testnet)
  • Akash (From testnet)
  • Terra
  • Cosmos Network
  • Band Protocol (From testnet)
  • Regen (From testnet)


The Tendermint-based project is operating in a container environment and firewall on the cloud. Among them, the authority to control the validator is operated separately by hardware. If many keys that are important in operating Vega need to be operated on a node, it seems to be operated according to best practices based on Cloud HSM and KMS.


0base.vc collects data from pods in the Kubernetes, application metrics, and additional metrics(GitHub - 0base-vc/0base-exporter: 0base exporter for prometheus) Prometheus. A dashboard monitors the collected data for Grafana, and alerts are created with criteria. And when there is a problem of Liveness and Readiness, it is automatically restored due to the specified life cycle policy.


AWS EKS, and using multiple r5a.2xlarge as worker nodes. The r5a.2xlarge is configured with 8vCPU and 64GiB of memory.
The cost is about $1400, but it is used by saving it with the Reserved Instance contract.



Governance voting is discussing first and voting on the “0base.vc” communication channel.
Recently, Osmosis held an active communication about the #12 proposal and participated in the Osmosis Discord channel. Regen’s #3 proposal was thought to impact lower-ranked validators, so there were discussions and comments on Regen forums and Twitter.