(07-Aug-20) This Week in Crypto

(07-Aug-20) This Week in Crypto:

Fundraising galore!

  • After Uniswap’s total website visits grew 15x in July, with $1.5bn traded, the platform has now confirmed $11m in a fresh funding round. The Series A investment foreshadows an upgrade to Uniswap V3, much of which has been kept in the dark. As Uniswap as a company does not currently provide a direct revenue for its investors, some speculate that V3 may bring a cut flowing directly back to the pockets of its investors.
  • Dapper Labs, the famed CryptoKitties creators, have announced a $12m fundraising round. This round is backed by some high-profile NBA players and is intended to go towards the continued development of the Flow blockchain network, which specialises in blockchain-based gaming.
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) has experienced its second 51% attack within a week. The first attack occurred on August 1st with $5.6m of ETC double-spent whilst the second took place on August 6th with the amount compromised unknown. Vitalik (co-founder of Ethereum) has suggested that ETC should make the move to Proof-of-Stake should it wish to mitigate the risk of another attack.

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Gratz to Dapper Labs! I’m a big fan of them and their NFTs.

Good update @Daigan

Thanks for sharing, gaming in blockchain hotting up again, hope someone does something really innovative in this space.

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Hi there when and where can we buy the VEGA Token please?

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At the moment they are not available for sale. @ramsey may be able to provide some more information.